Clinical Science

Low-Carbohydrate diets for type 1 diabetes mellitus: A systematic review.


Clinical obesity services in public hospitals in Australia: a position statement based on expert consensus.


Prevention and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes – A Pathophysiological-Based Approach.


Mitochondrial CoQ deficiency is a common driver of mitochondrial oxidants and insulin resistance.


Basic Science

Peripheral modulation of the endocannabinoid system in metabolic disease. (Keynote Review)


Metabolic and cognitive improvement from switching to saccharin or water following chronic consumption by female rats of 10% sucrose solution.


Public Health

'The university should promote health, but not enforce it': opinions and attitudes about the regulation of sugar-sweetened beverages in a university setting.




Clinical Science

Iron deficiency anemia, not iron deficiency, is associated with reduced attention in healthy young women.


Blueberry as a source of bioactive compounds for the treatment of obesity, type 2 diabetes and chronic inflammation. (Review)


Relationship between obesity and cognitive function in young women: The food, mood and mind study.


Complex interplay among      adiposity, insulin resistance and bone health.


Does weight cycling promote      obesity and metabolic risk factors?


The Effect of Buffering High Acid Load Meal with Sodium Bicarbonate on Postprandial Glucose Metabolism in Humans—A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Study.


Bone turnover is suppressed in insulin resistance, independent of adiposity.


Skeletal muscle extracellular matrix remodeling after short-term overfeeding in healthy humans.


Muscle Sympathetic Nerve Activity Is Associated with Liver Insulin Sensitivity in Obese Non-Diabetic Men.


Basic Science

Beetroot and sodium nitrate ameliorate cardiometabolic changes in diet-induced obese hypertensive rats.


Uteroplacental insufficiency reduces rat plasma leptin and alters placental leptin transporters: ameliorated with enhanced milk intake and nutrition.


Effects of fermentation conditions on the potential anti-hypertensive peptides released from yogurt fermented by Lactobacillus helveticus and Flavourzyme®.


Public Health

The obesity epidemic and sugar-sweetened beverages: a taxing time. [Letter to the editor]





Clinical Science

Acute low-volume high-intensity interval exercise improves 24-hour glycemic control in overweight and obese adults similarly to continuous moderate-intensity exercise.


Linoleic Acid and the Pathogenesis of Obesity. (Review)


Obesity: Dysfunction, regulation and control.


Dietary acid load, metabolic acidosis and insulin resistance - Lessons from cross-sectional and overfeeding studies in humans.


Skeletal muscle and plasma lipidomic signatures of insulin resistance and overweight/obesity in humans.


Effect of acute and chronic glucocorticoid therapy on insulin sensitivity and postprandial vascular function.


Effects of prednisolone on energy and fat metabolism in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: tissue-specific insulin resistance with commonly used prednisolone doses.


Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase contributes to the regulation of glucose uptake in skeletal muscle.


Serum S-adenosylmethionine, but not methionine, increases in response to overfeeding in humans.


The role of dietary acid load and mild metabolic acidosis in insulin resistance in humans.




Basic Science

Sweetening yoghurt with glucose, but not with saccharin, promotes weight gain and increased fat pad mass in rats.

Individual differences in saccharin acceptance predict rats’ food intake.


Uptake of leptin and albumin via separate pathways in proximal tubule cells.


Cannabinoid Receptors in the Kidney.


Tocotrienols and Whey Protein Isolates Substantially Increase Exercise Endurance Capacity in Diet -Induced Obese Male Sprague-Dawley Rats.


Renal Effects of Chronic Pharmacological Manipulation of CB2 in Rats with Diet Induced Obesity.


G protein-coupled receptor 18: A potential role for endocannabinoid signalling in metabolic dysfunction. (Review).


Basic Science

Associations between CD36 gene polymorphisms, fat tolerance and oral fat preference in a young-adult population.


Interactions between fatty acid transport proteins, genes that encode for them and exercise: A systematic Review.


Associations between CD36 gene polymorphisms and metabolic response to a short-term endurance-training program in a young-adult population.


Relationship between physical activity and cognitive function in apparently healthy young to middle-aged adults: A systematic review.


Similar mitochondrial signaling responses to a single bout of continuous or small-sided-games-based exercise in sedentary men.


Modulation of bovine whey protein digestion in gastrointestinal tract: A comprehensive review.


Inertial sensors to estimate the energy expenditure of team-sport athletes.


Public Health

Not quite quenching Australia’s thirst: A critique of the trend analysis of water-based beverage sales from 1997 to 2011. (Letter to the Editor).